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We are the specialized exporter of manganese metal in China, located in Chongqing which is famous of metal alloys. The detailed specification we supplied is as follows:
    Electrolytic Manganese Flake
    1.99.7% Manganese
     Mn:99.7%min, S:0.05%max, C:0.04%max, P:0.05%max, Fe+Se+Si:0.205%max
    2.99.9% Non-Se Manganese
     Mn:99.9%min, C:0.01%max, S:0.04%max, P:0.002%max, Fe:0.005%max, Se:0.005%max
    3.Low H Manganese
     Mn:99.9%min, C:0.01%max, S:0.06%max, P:0.002%max, Fe:0.003%max, Se:0.005%max
     Pb:0.002%max, H:0.001%max, O:0.4%max
    Manganese Lumpy
    SIZE:10-50mm 90%min.
    SPEC: Mn 95-98% min.
    PACKING: In 1ton big bags.
    (1) 96 Manganese
     Mn:96%min, C:0.1%max, Si:0.5%max, Fe:2.3%max, P:0.05%max, S:0.05%max
    (2) 95 Manganese
     Mn:95%min, C:0.15%max, Si:0.8%max, Fe:2.8%max, P:0.06%max, S:0.05%max
    Electrolytic Managanese metal is an important alloy element for producing stainless stell, high-strength low-alloy steel, Alumino-Managanese alloy. It is also an indispensable raw material for welding rod, ferrite, permanent magnet alloy element, and manganic salt for medical and chemical plants.
    Package: plastic weave soft packing, Barrels
    We guarantee high quality, competitive price and consistent supply.
    Pls do not hesitate to contact us if you have any requirement.

  • Chongqing Kangmeng Trade CO.,LTD
  • RM2-1,NO.222,MINSHENG ROAD,Chongqing
  • 400010
  • 86-023-63832872
  • 86-023-63832872
  • Henry Yu (Trade Manager)
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